The Best Wired Gaming Headsets for Every System

Most of us use wireless devices, whether it’s to charge our new phones or put on a pair of headphones for our morning commute. However, you might want to give your gaming headset another thought. As long as it has a headphone connector, practically every gadget may be used with a wired headset. Aside from being able to hear your surroundings and allies clearly, you can do this without worrying about charge or compatibility difficulties.

Fortunately, there are several headphones that are suitable, regardless of the console, computer, or gaming device you use. Check out the best-wired gaming headset.

Ideal for Most People

Logitech G Pro X

This is the wired equivalent of our wireless gaming pick, and there are many solid reasons why it’s a favorite. 

The situation is more complex than first appears. With 7.1 surround, it not only creates resonant sound on a wide soundstage, but the software from Logitech also provides you precise control over the sound quality of your voice.

The Best Headset for Wired Only

SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wired Headset

The Arctis Pro + GameDac headset, which had long held the title of our top selection, has now been dethroned. It should come as no surprise that it is the updated Arctis Nova Pro model of that SteelSeries headset.

This new version has all the fantastic features we adored in the Arctis Pro, including the built-in desktop DAC with a chic tiny display, and it creates immersive, expansive sound. It can be used to change the mix of voice, sidetone, and voice chat as well as volume. Most significantly, it’s unbelievably comfortable to wear for extended times.

Wired, Wireless, and Comfy

Logitech G735 

One of my new favorite headsets for daily use is the new G735 from Logitech. It can be connected through a regular 3.5mm cable, Bluetooth, or the supplied Logitech Lightspeed wireless dongle. But its silky appearance and cozy fit are its best qualities.

The earcups and headband are both made of a nice plush material, and the whole item is surprisingly lightweight. Because they are so light, I initially believed they were wired headsets rather than wireless.

Planar Perfection

Audeze Penrose Gaming Headset

The Audeze Penrose uses drivers that are planar. That implies that a conductive film hanging between two permanent magnetic fields is extremely thin. Simply float in there! It’s really cool. Amazingly crisp, deep, and detailed sound is produced by the film’s vibrations. That entails a completely new level of immersion for games. They also function wirelessly via Bluetooth and cable connections, and the accompanying boom microphone has excellent audio quality.

Best below $100

SteelSeries Arctis Nova 1 

Steelseries frequently appears on this list, but for good reason. The new Actis Nova are a budget option at $60, but they are surprisingly durable. It sounds almost as wonderful and is just as robust as the more expensive Steelseries products. The Nova 1 and Nova Pro can’t be compared head to head, but when placed next to the Nova Prime or Nova 3, the sound is nearly identical. The sound is crisp, precise, and surprisingly rich, albeit it is a little less immersive and directed than the Nova Pro.